Plumbing & Electrics

We have a set of trusted contractors
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Quality plumbing & electrics are paramount within a loft conversion.

Selecting the right plumbing and electrical contractors is so important for your finished loft conversion, quality loft conversions need quality installations.

The two trades often have to work closely together, so we ensure each knows what the other is doing to avoid delays and make the process run as smoothly as possible.

Plumbing Service
We work with the best plumbers to ensure a quality installation.

Most loft conversions are not a simple box. Many have the need to be plumbed. Some need quite a lot, especially when it comes to provisioning en-suite bathrooms and wet rooms.

We work with plumbers who can handle water and gas. It’s important when you’re adding a loft extension to make sure that everything is considered. Heating your new extension is one of those things to think about.

Our plumbers are fully versed in working on loft conversions, they know what is needed for a quality installation and can advise on any additional work that may need to take place before the conversion begins.

Talk to us about your loft conversion and we’ll do our best to advise on the best course of action.

Electrical Service
Selecting the right electrical contractor is so important for your finished loft conversion.

Having the right person who is punctual and tidy is vital to a successful project. We have a set of trusted electrical contractors who turn up on the button and provide a full set of duties on all things electrical. From power supplies to shower mains feeds our contractors are a cut above the rest.

If you have a particular need or requirement, that you feel might sit outside of the norm, let us know and we can involved, an electrician to guide you in any additional aspects you may need to consider.