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It is vital that a structural design is created to prove integrity for Building Regulations approval.

Getting a structural engineer in at the start protects your home and investment. It protects against the structural integrity of the building and ensure that the conversion is built within tolerance of the building.

Alongside this, an experienced structural engineer can also help with the design of stairs, which can be a key part of the feasibility of any loft conversion project.

Structural Service
Having correct structural calculations can help aid rapid development.

Getting structural calculations wrong may damage the structure below the loft, as loads have been distributed to the wrong elements of your home. Getting the wrong, or worse, no advice could end up having financial implications on your home when it comes to the point of sale in the future.

An experienced engineer should provide drawings, detailing the structure and calculations for Building Regulations approval. This ensures understanding by our building team – in turn ensuring a rapid development.